flmsg Custom HTML Forms

Created 09/13/2015

I am in the process of creating some videos on creating Custom HTML forms for flmsg.


Here is the series:



NTSD Replacement / Augmentation

NTSD is not dead, it passes thousands of service messages a month.

But how would it be able to handle emergency traffic?

According to what I have heard, it could handle the load.
That is as long as they are either ARRL Radiogram formatted messages or text messages inserted into a Radiogram.

I am pretty sure that most served agencies won't format their messages in Radiogram format.
That means a lot of extra work doing it yourself just to get a message passed.
That sure seems like a very inefficient system to me.

How about coming up with a replacement or parallel system?

We could mimic the existing system but add the ability to pass binary or flmsg attachments.
We could even send a custom HTML flmsg form and the message at the same time.

NTSD is currently switching over to BPQ for the handling of messages.
We could use it as well since it interfaces with fldigi out of the box.

This would take a little bit of technical expertise to get fldigi working with linBPQ.
But imagine being able to use fldigi to send and receive local message from flmsg.
And then forward those messages over BPQ to some regional MBO's.
Those MBO's then auto forward to other regional MBO's at certain times.
All of this based on the destination zip code on the message.

Each MBO has a routing table with all stations that normally pick up traffic from it with the corresponding zip codes.
Now once at the destination MBO, the MBO lists the stations that have traffic waiting.
We could set up auto polling for local operators to connect and get that traffic or just have the locals get it manually like NTSD.

There is so much possible here that it is surprising it has not been done before.

Why would we need to use the expensive Pactor3 modems?
They are expensive, proprietary and technically should be against FCC rules to even use them.

Think about all of the modes we have available to us in fldigi.
Not all of them are as robust as Pactor but do we really need that?
Are we really talking about passing gigs of data over HF?
More like megs of data a month if we are lucky.

Do I have any takers to this idea?

Please take our poll.

Published on 07/15/2015, 19:06:40.
Last updated on 09/19/2015, 17:00:11.